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Vegan Options

Vegan Options at Disneyland® Paris


List of vegan products - Disneyland® Park

Table Service Restaurants

Roasted vegetables with Meaux mustard and marinated tofu
Black Vénéré rice with peas and morels, soybeans and carrots Main Course
Sorbets and seasonal fruits Dessert
Rum sponge cake, seasonal fruit with Orgeat syrup
Captain Jack's
Quinoa salad with a spicy cashew vinaigrette
Tomato salad with quinoa - Kids menu Starter
Exotic fruit soup with muscovado coconut emulsion Dessert
Fruit minestrone - Kids Menu
Silver Spur Steakhouse
Sweetcorn salad - Kids Menu
Fruit salad (no added sugar)
The Lucky Nuggets Saloon
Apple Compote (no added sugar)
Fruit Salad Cup

Quick Service Restaurants

Market House Deli
Vegetable salad and cereals
Sweet Potato Hummus Wrap and grilled vegetables Main Course
Apple Compote (no added sugar) Dessert
Dole Fruit Bowl: Tropical Gold Pineapple
Fuente del Oro
Nachos, salsa, guacamole
Mexican Rice Main Course
Assortment of vegetables Main Course
Apple Compote (no added sugar)
Hakuna Matata
Assortment of vegetables
Vegetarian Hakuna salad : lettuce, pineapple, beans, cucumber, sweat potato, tomato, peppers, red onions, grilled peanuts Main Course
Apple Compote (no added sugar) Dessert
Dole Fruit Bowl: Tropical Gold Pineapple
Casey's Corner, Colonel Hathi's, Au Chalet de la Marionnette, Toad Hall, Bella Note, Café Hyperion
Vegetable salad and cereals
Apple Compote (no added sugar) Dessert
Dole Fruit Bowl: Tropical Gold Pineapple
Last Chance Café
Vegan butturnut soup
Vegan chili


Agrabah Café
Chickpea salad
Falafel Main Course
Fruit salad
Cowboy Cookout Barbecue
Vegan chilli, corn, baby potatoes, corn bread
Vegan chilli, corn, baby potatoes, corn bread - Kids menu Main Course
Fruit salad
Plaza Gardens
Zucchini mint bite
Fruit salad


List of vegan products - Walt Disney Studios® Park

Table Service Restaurants

Bistrot Chez Rémy
Vegetable and tofu navarin
Fruit Salad (no added sugar)

Quick Service Restaurants

En Coulisses
Fruit bowl : tropical pineapple
Apple Compote (no added sugar)


FC 07 Vegan
Vegan Falafel
Epic Vegan Chili Main Course
Vegan Cheesecake Dessert
Solero bio lemon Dessert
Solero bio peach Dessert
Vegan Magnum almond Dessert
Vegan B&J chocolate fudge brownie
FC 05
Vegetable salad and cereals


List of vegan products - Disney Village®

Table Service Restaurants

Café Mickey
Mix of organic semolina with vegetables
Minestrone with basilic - Kids menu

Quick Service Restaurants

New York Style Sandwiches
Vegan butturnut soup
Dole Fruit Bowl: Tropical Gold Pineapple


La Grange
Bulgur and quinoa with cranberries
Vegan Chili Main Course
Fruit salad


Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon
Fruit Salad (no added sugar)


List of vegan products - Disney® Hotels

Disneyland® Hotel

California Grill
Artichaut poivre, semi dry tomato, nice olives and pickeled vegetables
Assortment of seasonal fruit Dessert
Variation of fruit sorbets
Inventions - Buffet
Quinoa and fennel tofu with confit lemon
Coral lentil and bite of zucchini Main Course
Fruit salad
Room Service
Seasonal vegetables wok with sweet spices

Disney's Newport Bay Club

Cape Cod - Buffet
Quinoa and fennel tofu with confit lemon
Vegan slice with green curry and coconut Main Course
Fruit salad Dessert
Vegan chocolate cake
Yacht Club TSR
Vegan pavlova with berries
Room Service
Fresh fruit salad

Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Hunter's Grill
Beaver Creek Tavern - Buffet
Artichaut with grilled vegetables and aromatic plants
White beans and mushrooms with maple syrup Main Course
Fruit salad

Disney's Hotel Santa Fe

La Cantina - Buffet
Bulgur salad - Adzuki green beans guacamole, pine nuts, pistochio
Vegan chili Main Course
Fruit salad
Rio Grande Bar
Marinated peppers, confit tomato with olive oil
Fruit salad

Disney's Hotel Cheyenne

Red Garter Saloon - Bar
Fruit salad

Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch

Crockett's Tavern Buffet
Vegan chili
Fruit salad


List of vegan products - Area Hotels

Campanile Val de France
No Vegan options, however from time to time, raw salads are offered as a starter. Hot dishes: beans or rice.
Hotel L'Elysee Val D'Europe
Vegan starter: Cauliflower salad, butternut without the pesto.
Vegetarian options available but not vegan.
B&B Hotel
See green pictos on menu
Vienna House Dream Castle Hotel
No vegan food.
Bar and salad bar in the buffet restaurant.
Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel
No vegan food.
Algonquin's Explorer Hotel
Several vegan options:
Plantation Restaurant: salad Bar and vegetables
Marco's Pizza: vegetarian pizza
Captain's Restaurant: the menu is adapted to the customers' requests and their dietary restrictions.
Adagio Marne-la-Vallée
No restaurant.

*Please note that this list is as a guide and is subject to change.


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